how to choose a child's bicycle?

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how to choose a child's bicycle?


Parents should guide children to participate in outdoor activities, You know that cycling is simple, safe, and can exercise balance and leg strength. It is a very good children's play item. So, how to choose a children's bicycle?


1. What size children's bicycle to choose from?


What size bicycle a child rides mainly depends on the height of the child. Under normal circumstances, the suitable height for a 12-inch bicycle is 85-105 cm, the suitable height for a 14-inch bicycle is 90-120 cm, and the suitable height for a 16-inch bicycle is 105-135 cm. The height of the seat and handlebars can be adjusted, but children can ensure that their feet can just touch the ground when they are stopped.


2. It is better to choose rubber tires or solid tires


The advantage of a solid tire is that it does not need to be inflated, and the manufacturing cost and price are not too high, but the disadvantage is that it is a little laborious to ride, and it is not wear-resistant enough. Children under the age of 3 can consider using bicycles with solid tires, and older children are recommended to buy ordinary rubber tires that are inflated.


3. Check key components


Check whether the brake components, seat, chain, tires and other parts are firm and reliable.


4. Do you need training wheels?


The auxiliary wheels refer to the two side wheels on both sides of the rear wheels, which mainly play the role of stabilizing the vehicle body. If you are just starting to ride, it is recommended to use training wheels, and then consider removing them when the child has a sense of the car. The advantage of training wheels is that you are not afraid of accidental falls, but it will be more laborious because of friction.


5. Security Considerations


It is very important to choose a car for your baby with safety performance. Check whether the brakes are effective and not too sensitive to cause the rubber to fall when braking; whether the handlebars are solid enough and reliable; Let your baby try to ride the bike and choose a fully enclosed chain guard, which will help prevent hands and feet from being caught. Check whether the parts on the car are sharp or whether the welding is firm and whether the welds are even and tidy. The rear auxiliary should be as wide as possible, and should not be at the same level as the rear wheels, otherwise, it will be laborious and unsafe to use.


6. Who is the professional producer?


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